Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shark Tank

Have you seen Shark Tank?  If not I definitely recommend it.  It's all about entrepreneurs who have developed great ideas, and are then given a finite amount of time to pitch them to 5 venture capitalists, the sharks.  The classic elevator pitch, but with much higher stakes.  Some of the ideas you can tell at first glance are going nowhere, but others have huge potential.  Many of the great ideas are often so simple that I am left wondering why I never thought of them myself.  And then I remember that's because I am an engineer and when trying to come up with great ideas I often move past the simple and directly into the incredibly complex.

Unfortunately it airs at 8pm on Friday nights, which means you will probably have to set your DVR.  Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. As funny as it is to watch a women try to sell a pillow for large-breasted women (no really!) to four guys. I think I learn quite a bit from the show about the market segments that are out there, or at least the ones that these inventors can think of, and what investors are looking for when you are trying to rob/convince/woo them.

    I am also quite shocked that despite the massive amount of money that are being thrown around in the venture market, no one brought the remains of GM. I mean, if you go and buy the word "Pontiac GTO" from GM, you can probably make a good living just licencing that to be put on a t-shirt.