Thursday, February 9, 2012

Google knows too much about you

I happened to run across this article on today.  As one of the millions of people who have hit the "dismiss" button when Google tries to bother me about reading their new Privacy Policy I have to say I am somewhat shocked at what Google has on me.  I know this has been in the news ever since Google changed it and I guess I now know why.  I had no idea that Google could save all of my past searches.  Pretty much everything else I do through Google I realize will be saved in some form or another even after I have deleted it, but saving searches is interesting.  Just one of the many things people do on the internet without even thinking about it.

Between Facebook and LinkedIn I already know that I am not invisible on the internet.  People can willingly find out most things about me through either of those sites.  I have my privacy settings jacked-up on Facebook so that really only my friends can see my full profile, but on LinkedIn I know almost anyone can see what I have posted.  One reason I know this is because I get at least one phone call per week from a recruiter who has seen my profile on LinkedIn and wants to see if I would be interested in a particular position they have available.  The best part is that they call me on my desk phone which I don't even have listed on LinkedIn, but they are able to see which company I work for and then look me up in the company directory.

In the internet age it is almost impossible to maintain a low profile on the web.  Luckily for me that my name is common enough where a simple Google search doesn't turn up too much.  Thanks Mom and Dad for not being too unique in coming up with a name!

Check out the article here...

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